HAVU returns to Dota 2

After the end of our previous competitive Dota project we expressed desire to eventually still continue in Finnish Dota. This is something that started earlier this year through supporting Finnish in-house league KaaosLiiga. The next step naturally is signing new Dota 2 lineup to help grow and develop:

HAVU Dota in 2022

Matias "Tsunami" Sairanen (carry)
Topias "topita" Siitonen (mid)
Ilmari "ilbert" Turunen (offlane)
Tomi "Wazza" Eränne (support)
Henri "MemZi" Alaharju (support)

Auvo "Gilnor"Kuusela (Manager)

"We have a motivated & united team and HAVU is great organization. Our goal is to reach 2nd division in DPC (Dota Pro Circuit) and I believe that with lot of hard work and HAVU's support we can get there."

- Henri "MemZi" Alaharju, Captain of HAVU Dota

"HAVU's interest to be in Dota hasn't disappeared after parting ways with the previous roster. Right now there's lot of hype and activity with Dota in Finland, and I hope that we can soon start having more proper tournaments as well. It's a pleasure to start working together with these young and motivated players!"

- Lasse Salminen, HAVU CEO