disturbed steps down from coaching position

As everyone knows the first half of 2022 hasn't been what was expected and aimed at when this lineup started playing together in January. Current state of things naturally isn't something HAVU as organization or a single person involved in the team is content with. The change starts with Taneli "disturbed" Veikkola's decision to step down from coaching the team.

"As of May 31st, I’ve stepped down as the head coach of HAVU. The decision has been hanging around me for a while now as I’ve failed to produce results I or HAVU wanted. Past few months have been really hard for me as I couldn’t fix the mistakes we were making as a team or individually. This team needs a fresh start after a really challenging first half of the year and I think a new approach to the game is also needed. I hope this move unlocks the potential this team has and gets them back on the grind.

Although I’m stepping down as a coach, I won’t be leaving HAVU entirely as I’ll stay as one of the partners and work behind the scenes. I’m not 100% sure what’s next but I intend to stay within esports where my ambition still lies.

I’d like to thank everyone I’ve worked with during my time as a coach and especially every fan following our journey during these years."

- Taneli "disturbed" Veikkola, Co-owner and former head coach of HAVU

"We had a long chat with disturbed and felt that this is the best solution for everyone going forward. We are currently having negotiations with potential replacements for him who we can start re-building HAVU's identity on the server with. Disturbed is involved in choosing right candidate and as a board member stays in HAVU to work with other things."

- Lasse Salminen, CEO of HAVU