HAVU exit Dota 2

As of 31.1.2021, HAVU as an organization won't be fielding a Dota 2 roster. 

Our now former lineup has decided to not continue together, resulting in both parties going separate ways. We would like to thank Perttu “Megabauss” Pesonen, Samu “MTD” Hautala, Mikael “GreedoT1” Sainio, Aapo “Nukkumatti” Riikonen, Jan “Womber” Kylmänen, and Benjamin “Notah” Läärä for their efforts during the past 5 months.

When we put this lineup together, we set clear goals for us. These goals had to be met for us to continue and in the beginning progress was looking good. But in officials we ended up facing issues which we couldn't get around. Team spirit was always great, but players mutually agreed on chasing other projects at this time. We would also like to thank HAVU for good treatment and co-operation throughout our tenure together.

-Benjamin "Notah" Läärä, former head coach of HAVU Dota 2