Staff & Management

HAVU - Behind the scenes 

HAVU was launched in April 2017 after months of planning and preparing the startup. We have quickly climbed up the foodchain and become one of the biggest esports organisations in Finland. Nowadays we boast teams in CS:GO & NHL. HAVU also offers streaming services with the stream team.We are former professional gamers, digital marketing & sales specialists with experience of 20+ years with esports. We aim to bring esports more known throughout the field to Finnish brands. For years Finnish esports scene has been a lackluster and our goal is to change the course.​

Chief Executive Officer

Lasse Salminen

+358 40549 0312


Janne Kuparinen

 +358 504680893

Head Coach, Partner

Taneli Veikkola

 +358 504343685


Miikka Rahikainen

 +358 415062689

Art Director, Partner

Tuomas Kujansuu

+358 503063639


Sani Leino

+358 442222288


Perttu Pölönen


Heikki Pohjonen

+358 505635537