Next piece of the puzzle - Welcome jemi

As we announced departures of doto and sAw earlier, we naturally were left with 2 spots to fill in our CS:GO roster. Jemi "jemi" Mäkinen was one of the absolute top candidates to start rounding out our roster yet again.
During his time with HUKKA, Veto, and SJ Gaming, Jemi has shown exponential growth and potential as a player. And that was exactly what we needed, a young and driven rifler whose talent is only limited by the sky.
We would like to thank SJ Gaming for effortless and smooth negotiations. Jemi transfers to HAVU for undisclosed fee, effective immediately.
"Today I'm truly happy to say we've signed Jemi in to our roster. When we first started looking for replacements the state of Finnish CS looked a bit grim but after serious consideration we saw loads of unlocked potential in Jemi. He's young, eager and motivated to show what he can do in this roster."

-Taneli Veikkola, Head Coach at HAVU

"SJ Gaming has been a great platform to grow for many young and talented esports athletes. Jemi is a good example on how will and motivation to become the best, carries you forward. We believe that transfer to HAVU is going to be a significant step towards becoming one of the best players in the world."

-Jari Karlsson, CEO at SJ Gaming

"Feels great! I feel honored about getting to play with players of the caliber HAVU has. Also very excited to see what future holds for us."

-Jemi Mäkinen, Player at HAVU

Our new fifth will be announced at later stage this month.