Changes in HAVU NHL – Welcome Sibelius


Ilmari "Puantso" Lehkonen recently notified us about his desire to be sidelined from HAVU NHL's active roster. As we are closing in on next season of ECL, Hannes "Hansulinho" Kettunen will be taking Puantso's role on the left wing. Our newest addition Oskari "Sibelius" Grönroos on the other hand, takes the charge of goaltender duties going forward.

"I want to say that I'm really excited to join HAVU. These guys have become friends to me also off the ice as we've played against each other in many tournaments and LAN events. So overall I want to say that I'm really excited to be part of a great team surrounded by great people. Off season has been long for all of us so I'm looking forward to getting on ECL action again!"
- Sibelius

"I'm really happy with our newest signing. After Ilmari "Puantso" Lehkonen (former left wing) decided to bench himself, we were forced to check our options. When we knew "Sibbe" would be one of the available ones, we came up with solution where we are going to move "Hansulinho" to Left wing and "Sibbe" will take his place as a goalie. "Sibbe" is very competitive and experienced player. We just got a great guy and teammate to HAVU, many of our players have been longtime friends with him already so it's going to be very easy to get things going. Welcome to the HAVU family, Oskari!"

- FlyerKungen, Captain of HAVU NHL

Our roster for upcoming ECL Season