Welcome Juigelson & veepee to HAVU NHL

HAVU NHL sees new additions in Juho "Juigelson" Kinnunen and Ville-Petteri "veepee" Särmä. Wille "willekunq" Juntunen also returns to the roster. Full roster and captains' comments below.




"Juigelson will replace Ilmari Lehkonen, who recently left us and joined JYP Esports. "Jupi" wants to learn a lot and take the next step in his NHL career. I love his attitude towards the new environment and our standards. He is skilled player who loves to score, our goal is to develop his teamplay with us every day and get things going strong right from the start.

After Jtorro left us in good agreement, I'm happy to finally confirm that Wille "willekunq" Juntunen will come back and take his place as a Right Defender in our starting roster. We still needed to find a third Defenceman and it was kind of a easy choice for us to take "veepee" as a part of our team. He showed interest in back-up role and is experienced player who can play at Elite level if needed."

- Tuukka "Flyerkungen" Kuha, Captain of HAVU NHL

"It felt like heavy cargo fell off from our shoulders when we got a familiar guy back at the Defence. With Wille we have experienced our best moments in our NHL careers. I hope this wakes us up, brings relaxation to our game and helps us back to the Championship."

- Kristian-Mikael "Nassustelija" Katajisto, Alternate Captain of HAVU NHL