HAVU enters FIFA – Welcome Kossu72 & egoapina

HAVU enters FIFA! Jesse "Kossu72" Kosamo and Erno "egoapina" Parkkonen form our 2v2 duo.


What does it feel like to join HAVU?

"It feels good to join HAVU. Staff has been very welcoming and I get to work with people I already know, this is great opportunity for me."

Which tournaments do you have coming up?

"Our upcoming tournaments are eClub World Cup qualifiers starting today, potentially continuing on Friday. And then this Saturday we have eUCL qualifiers which potentially continue on Sunday. 2v2 Stockholm Open next week."

Goals for next year?

"Our Goals for 2022 are to qualify for eWorld Cup. I'm individually at good level and can challenge the very top like we saw in eNations qualifiers last year. But I still need to improve on some smaller details to take the next and hardest step forward."

- Kossu72

What does it feel like to join HAVU?

"Feels good! It's cool to represent one of the biggest organizations in Finland with a good teammate. People at the HAVU office are really nice so I at least feel very welcomed!"

Goals for next year?

"My goal is to develop as a player and compete for shares on prize pools in top tournaments."

- egoapina

FIFA eClub World Cup qualifier starts 19:30 EET today and Kossu's POV can be watched at twitch.tv/kossu72