Rocket League team disbands


Earlier this year in August, we announced a new Rocket League team consisting of TK, Tossis & Topa. Although the team had a great start and everything was in order, problems arose within the team chemistry. After suffering a disappointing loss in the semi-final of Insomnia LAN 2019, we had a discussion about the team’s future and the players had decided to pursue their dreams in separate teams.


Signing with HAVU was a big step in our careers and we are thankful for the support HAVU gave us. This is a great way to every player to continue their careers and we wish HAVU the best of luck. Thank you for everything!”

-Ville ”Tossis” Tossavainen


We expanded to Rocket League earlier this year and we took it as a test for us. Rocket League’s scene in Finland is a relatively small and has big potential. We still see the potential in RL and we will evaluate our options about the game in near future."

-Taneli Veikkola, Partner