HAVU NHL roster update - Welcome eKoskii

A few days ago we announced the departure of VesKuLiNeand Kriketsi17 and now we are happy to announce our newest addition to our NHL roster. Eemil "eKoskii" Koski, young prodigy and a promising talent now wears HAVU jersey in the up coming tournaments.

"When VesKuLiNe & kriketsi17 left the team, we immediately started to look for a new back-up defender. My first contact was with Eemil "eKoskii" Koski, 17. Eemil has been playing recent six tournaments with Raccoon Rampage. Our goal was to find a player who is young, hungry and knows what he wants. We had a long and good talk with Eemil about everything and how he feels about this. From the beginning he has been very interested and he wanted to find a long-term team. I've have been personally watching Eemil playing for a some time now, and he is one of the most potential defenders in the NHL esports. Only time will tell how far he will go. Me personally and whole the HAVU family is very excited to bring this young talent in, I have a good feeling about this. Warm welcome, Eemil!"

-Tuukka "FlyerKungen" Kuha, Captain of the NHL roster

Our NHL team is competing next weekend at the GameXpo in the IS Cup starting on friday. Show your support and follow our journey in the social medias!