HAVU enters DotA2

Now former "Astronauts" Dota 2 roster has been acquired by HAVU and will represent us going forward. The core of said roster is packed with great potential and individual skill, mixed with experience more seasoned support Jan “Womber” Kylmänen brings.

Veteran of Finnish Dota 2 scene, Benjamin "Notah" Läärä is also making his return to coaching duties by taking the mostly young HAVU roster under his wings. Läärä has competitive Dota experience dating all the way back to days of original DotA and having coached "Escape Gaming" to and at The International 2016.


The idea of forming an esports organization of my own 3 years ago was centered around Dota 2 and Finnish players of it. Dota 2 is also a game i've personally spent lot of time, all of this makes me very delighted as we get to support a young and motivated Finnish team.
-Lasse Salminen, CEO of HAVU Gaming

I'm excited to have a chance of coaching fully Finnish team. We've got a roster of few bit older players who are bringing in the experience to support young guns full of potential. I also feel we are in privileged position as we get to represent a Finnish top organization like HAVU.
-Benjamin "Notah" Läärä


HAVU Dota 2:

Perttu “Megabauss” Pesonen (Carry)
Samu “MTD” Hautala (Midlane)
Mikael “GreedoT1” Sainio (Offlane)
Aapo “Nukkumatti” Riikonen (Support)
Jan “Womber” Kylmänen (Support)

Benjamin “Notah” Läärä (Coach)