HAVU Gaming  was established on values important to us. Supporting Finnish competitive players, having a sense of community, influencing on societal topics, and being able to employ and support people working in Finnish esports space, especially teenagers and young adults.

#PelaaTyylillä (Play with style) concept was born from these values.

#PelaaTyylillä complies HAVU's values and behaviour in daily life:

**Professional and convincing outlook**

In addition to being an esports organization, HAVU is also a lifestyle brand. This means HAVU's brand being shown in high quality jerseys, stylish merchandise, and the way players and influencers portray themselves on social media.**Professional and convincing outlook**

**Professional lifestyle: The effect sleep, nutrition and physical exercise have on playing competitively**

Common perception and attitude towards competitive gaming is unfortunately far from reality. It's very intensive work that demands great deal of focus and succeeding is affected by lifestyle. We encourage doing physical exercise, having a healthy regimen, taking necessary breaks during gaming sessions, and highlight the importance of sleeping enough.

*Influencing on societal topics and issues**

HAVU as an organization seeks to actively influence on societal topics. Our goal is to support responsible decision making in business and we stand against bullying and racism of any kind. We aim to employ teenagers and young adults, and with our partners take part in topics that are important to us.

**Behaviour on and off the server**

We realise our position as role models for many young fans. Which is why we aim to show example in Finnish esports space. That is something that happens by members of HAVU behaving well while playing online, appearing on LAN events and other conventions.**Behaviour on and off the server**