Welcome xDoumi to HAVU NHL

It's time for us to announce the latest addition to our NHL roster, Welcome Aaro "xDoumi"  Ruuhinen!

It feels great to be part of HAVU now! I've played in top EU teams before, but this is something special. I know every player of this team very well and what they have achieved in their 6v6 NHL careers. Joining one of the biggest Finnish esports organizations and getting opportunity to play with these guys is something special also.

I've played one ECL season with "Puantso" on NHL 18 (2017) and actually won ECL once with him. I didn't know much about NHL 6v6 scene and players back in the days, but I instantly saw how skilled he was. He is also really fun guy to play with, which is very important for the team spirit. I also have history with "Sibelius", last time I played with him was couple ECL seasons backwards in JYP Jyväskylä. We won the regular season, but unfortunately got eliminated during the first playoff round. I have to say he was one of the biggest keys behind our regular season success. Not just playing with him, I've also played against him many times, so I know how he can perform. He is a really good and humble teammate.

I'll try to make our team stronger with my defensive plays and puck carrying skills, which I think are my biggest strengths. If to mention some personal development areas, well, sometimes I take stupid penalties and lose puck too much. To make HAVU NHL great again, we have to practice hard and develope our game to the level where we want it to be before the next tournament starts.

- Aaro "xDoumi" Ruuhinen

Aaro "xDoumi" Ruuhinen was our first option right after we understood our situation as a team after disappointing semifinal loss in ECL 11. We didn't hesitate to try a few practice sessions with him after we find out he could be interested to join us. Aaro was most experienced and talented player available.

Ilmari "Puantso" Lehkonen coming back from the bench to the starting lineup, combined with a new player like "xDoumi" is surely something new and fresh which our team needs right now.

Only sky is a limit for this new lineup and we are ready to make HAVU NHL great again.

Welcome to the HAVU Gaming, Aaro!

- Tuukka "FlyerKungen" Kuha, Captain of HAVU NHL