Welcome Santeri


HAVU's social media team expands with one! Santeri Voutilainen joins to help growing organization's channels as content manager. He's bringing in his experience as TikTok content creator to take over HAVU's TikTok account with another upcoming venue being relaunching and focusing on HAVU's Discord server. Santeri already has been anonymously working on our TikTok content and growth for 3 months with good results.

"Growing HAVU's social media channels and bringing in new ideas is one of organization's cornerstones in brand development. It's great to have eager guy like Santeri join us!"

- Niklas Pehkonen, Marketing and Project Manager


For Finns visiting Assembly Winter 2022 April 1st-3rd: Santeri pyörii Assyilla HAVUn edustajana tänään & huomenna tuottamassa sisältöä ja jakamassa Skinbaron lahjakortteja, käy nykäisemässä hihasta!