Thank you zehN & spargo

 Going into 2023 our CS:GO team is going through some changes as the contracts of Jesse "zehN" Linjala & Jarkko "spargo" Rahja are not extended and they enter free agency. Both players brought a lot to the team. Jesse bringing experience and knowledge as being one of the most respected veteran in Finnish CS, and Jarkko bringing the energy of one of the most talented young AWPers in the Finnish scene. 

We want to thank both of these amazing players for their time and dedication to the team. Wishing them both only the best for the future.


"2022 had it's highs and lows for our CS:GO team. As the journey continued we realized that this team of amazing individuals we're not finding the level of play that was to be expected by us, but even more by them individually. Thank you Jesse & Jarkko, and even though neither of you need it, good luck on you journey ahead."

- Lasse Salminen, CEO of HAVU


For the time being Matias "Banjo" Kivistö & our former AWPer Otto "ottoNd" Sihvo will be on try-out in our roster.