Thank You FlyerKungen

HAVU entered European NHL scene with acquisition of "Written in the Stars" in 2019. After two and half years under HAVU, both the organization and our now former captain Tuukka "FlyerKungen" Kuha have agreed to not extend his contract. This means that Tuukka enters free agency with immediate effect. All of HAVU thanks Tuukka for his tremendous efforts in and outside the game.

"I want to thank HAVU organisation, managers and all the players for this journey we had together through these years. Good luck for the future, I'll always cheer for you. Maybe someday our paths will cross again, never say never. Until then, "tsemppiä ja laukauksia!"."

- Tuukka "FlyerKungen" Kuha, now former captain of HAVU NHL

Achievements under HAVU:

eSM 2019 - Champion
IS Cup 4 - Champion
ECL 9 Elite - Runner-Up
ECL 10 Elite - Champion
eSM 2020 - Runner-Up
ECL 11 Elite - 3rd place
ECL 12 Elite - 3rd place
eSM 2021 - 6th place
ECL '22: Winter Elite - 7th place
Caps Gaming 6v6 - Runner-Up