Welcome Riku Niemi


HAVU is focused on expanding their growth and the ambition remains in supporting the development of Finnish competitive gaming. Growth requires new employees and that's why we saw the necessity to hire an account manager to help with partnership department of the company, welcome Riku Niemi!


"HAVU is continuing on the path of growth, and it’s great that we can strengthen our organization. Our partners are our cornerstone, and we want to constantly develop our partner offering and services. By welcoming Riku Niemi to HAVU family we can deliver even more value to our existing partners while opening new interesting frontiers around esports, gaming and influencer marketing with new organizations."

- Lasse Salminen, CEO of HAVU 


Riku Niemi is professional athlete in Finnish baseball who represents Sotkamon Jymy, his accolades include winning the Finnish championship in 2020. Alongside his competitive career he has always been actively playing CS:GO and has also been invested in Finnish scene. His ambition is same as everyone else's in HAVU, to be part of helping Finnish esports scene grow. 


I'm really excited and eager to start in my new role at HAVU! Organization has been very welcoming and I believe that I can assist Lasse a lot with partnership negotiations and sales. I've been following esports and especially HAVU for a long time, so I'm jumping in with lot of enthusiasm! My state of mind is to help Finnish esports grow.

- Riku Niemi, Account Manager


Any future partnership inquiries should be directed either to Lasse Salminen or Riku Niemi, respectively lasse@havu.gg & riku@havu.gg.