Kriketsi17 and VesKuLiNe out of the NHL roster



 With IS Cup and European League approaching, we have made some roster changes to our NHL lineup. Vesa ”VesKuLiNe”Voutilainen and Kristian ”Kriketsi17” Veijola have decided to leave the team and look for other options in their careers.

"We spoke about the outcoming changes within the team and we are all in a good spirit. With Vesa, we have a long history within the game and now we felt like it was the best for both parties to go our separate ways. Our plans with Kriketsi17 were aimed with a longer view but our goals differed from the other. We truly understand his point to be in the starting lineup and we admire his hunger in NHL. Our team wishes both of them good luck and see you on ice!" -Tuukka ”FlyerKungen”Kuha

Next event for our NHL roster is IS Cup at the GameXpo next weekend 15.-17.11.2019