HAVU x SkinBaron

HAVU and German in-game skin marketplace SkinBaron enter a partnership. CS:GO skins are big part of gaming culture and it's time for HAVU to look good on the server as well. Our play with style concept is now visible in our professional players' in-game inventories. At the same time we want to introduce our fans to a safe place for purchasing in-game items.

Explore SkinBaron: https://skinbaron.com/partner/havu

"Partnership with SkinBaron felt like a natural fit from the get-go. Skins have always been a big part of CS:GO, so we are extremely proud to have SkinBaron as our partner. As a German company they are very accountable and it's easy to stand by their side."

- Niklas Pehkonen, Marketing Manager of HAVU

"We are delighted to announce our upcoming long-term partnership with HAVU! HAVU has impressively demonstrated how consistency and persistent work pay off in becoming one of the largest Finnish esports organizations. Together we want to achieve even higher goals and mutually see great value for our growth in this partnership. We are looking forward to a great future in 2021/2022. Jaettu ilo on kaksinkertainen ilo. Shared happiness is double happiness."

- Tobias Herberhold, Chief Marketing Officer of SkinBaron

Partnership with HAVU is first one with non-German esports organization for SkinBaron. In the past they've had fruitful partnerships with BIG for an example.

SkinBaron is safe place to buy and sell in-game items. CS:GO skins are important part of gaming culture and buying them from SkinBaron is cheaper than from Steam Marketplace. SkinBaron doesn't support or provide any form of gambling which makes them stand above many of their competitors in accountability.