HAVU leaves NHL 6v6, Hansulinho to stay as 1v1 competitor

HAVU joined NHL 6v6 scene during latter half of 2019 by acquiring "Written in the Stars" as one of the first Finnish organizations to truly support a 6v6 NHL team. We immediately won our first Finnish LAN, later extending Finnish championships to European one as well.

However the tournament performances got gradually worse and worse and playoff runs got cut short earlier and earlier. After numerous roster changes and shakeups the past 2 years, we never were able to get back to the point where HAVU competes for and wins the biggest titles in Finland and Europe. 

We've unfortunately come to a conclusion of not fielding a 6v6 NHL line-up for now. Thank you to everyone who played NHL under HAVU over the past 3 years and good luck!

While rest of our team from last season is released from their contracts, we've agreed with Hannes "Hansulinho" Kettunen for him to remain in HAVU as NHL 1v1 competitor and content creator. 

"HAVU joined the NHL 6v6 scene around 3 years ago and the upbeat atmosphere of the team has even become integral part of HAVU's culture on all levels, just like the NHL team has been one of the core elements for the organization as a whole. The line-up immediately started strong on LAN with Finnish championships. Unfortunately after the first year in NHL the tournament results started gradually getting worse and we've now come to conclusion of not continuing in NHL 6v6. Thank you to everyone who has represented HAVU in NHL!"

- Lasse Salminen, HAVU CEO