Aerial stepping down from active roster

Aerial is stepping down from the active CS:GO roster.

Jani has announced that the time has come to put playing competitively on hold for now due sleeping problems. HAVU fully supports his decision and wishes him all the best and we hope that some day he might join to play once again.

Jani "Aerial" Jussila has been a support pillar of HAVU for almost 2.5 years making him also very much a veteran in the green shirt.

"I have decided to move aside from HAVU's CS:GO roster due to years of sleep problems. I find it impossible to succeed at the moment. The level of professional CS is currently very high and you can't keep up there with a few hours of sleep a day. I'm not actively looking to play in a team before I have solved my sleeping problems. I wish my teammates the best of luck for the future." - Jani "Aerial" Jussila

Olli "sLowi" Pitkänen makes a return in HAVU jersey and stands-in until further notice.