Welcome Rajala Pro Shop as our new partner

Rajala Pro Shop joins forces with HAVU.

We are happy to announce we’ve started co-operation with Rajala Pro Shop. Rajala Pro Shop is a leading photography equipment vendor in Finland. Roots of the company go back to 1919 when the company was founded.

Rajala Pro Shop wants to be a part of the quick rise of esports and this partnership marks their first step in to the business.

The popularity of esports is growing and Rajala Pro Shop wants to tell the story of esports with pictures. This partnership with HAVU will give the possibility for it.

-Juhani Toppari, Rajala Pro Shop

Rajala Pro Shop is a great partner to have with us. As a strong Finnish company backing us up is a great addition to our story and their expertise in photography allows us to do more content with high end gear. This is absolutely a great thing for Finnish esports overall. We are looking forward to a great journey with them.

-Lasse Salminen, HAVU Gaming

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