VEHO GO signs on as a Partner of HAVU


We are pleased to announce that we’ve signed a partnership deal with Veho GO.

Veho is one of the biggest automotive companies in Finland. Veho was established in 1939 for the distribution of Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz is still the core of the company after 79 years. Vehos Mobility Division “Veho GO” is developing new kinds of sustainable mobility solutions for modern urban needs.

We at Veho GO are excited about teaming up with one of the leading esports teams in Finland. The Veho GO brand is a perfect fit with HAVUs young, dynamic and growing team. We really look forward to being a part of the growing esports scene in Finland.”
-Nicholas Zaeske, Head of Mobility Services Veho GO
We a thrilled about this collaboration with VEHO and their service Veho GO. I personally think it is a huge thing that a brand like VEHO is interested in esports and especially HAVU. They see potential in esports and in us and I think this partnership will be fruitful for both ends.
Lasse Salminen, CEO of HAVU Gaming

You can catch the HAVU CS:GO team sporting their new jersey with the Veho GO logo starting this weekend as the team kicks off the Assembly Summer Finnish Championship games tonight at 20.30 CET against NYYRIKKI eSports.

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