HAVU - Stream Team

HAVU's stream team consists from a group of Finnish streamers and influencers with a mission of entertaining people around the globe. Stream team is the perfect way to reach audiences who don't watch TV anymore. We've had cases with different companies and brands to promote their product with a quality content of the stream team.​Our objective is simple; to boost your value and visibility in the eyes of the consumer.

Twitch - Putcola23

Founder of Billebeino & NHLwam

Twitch - Nurmion

 My name is Mike Lanki and I'm a 24 years old streamer from Lahti. I've streamed for 3 years and I'm a variety streamer with a mission to entertain as much as I can and as many as possible! I'm very extroverted and I'm easy to approach so come and say hello!

Twitch - THREATII 

 Mikael is one of the original Stream Team members, even though he joined HAVU as a HearthStone player. He has been streaming for a long time now and his fanbase is starting to pile up. Usually streaming either World of WarCraft or HearthStone, he's very entertaining and educational when makes plays.

Twitch - TurunMarkku

25-year-old Finnish streamer & musician. Trying to do variety but often finding myself grinding one game at a time.

Other profiles coming soon...