HAVU presents the Stream Team

HAVU presents the Stream Team

HAVU is kicking off the Stream Team -project together with DNA. Meaning of the Stream Team is to improve Finnish streaming and bring Finnish streamers and brands together. First collaboration is done together with DNA by showcasing new Huawei P Smart -phone by our streamers Nurmion, DONOD & Threat.

Finnish streamers have relatively low viewernumbers and with the Stream Team we aim to create a community which attracts viewers and offers brands and companies to reach larger audience.
Stream Team consists of 7 streamers with the objective to expanding in near future.
We have gathered interesting personalities in to our team, of course viewercounts and followers counted but the most important thing was their attitude and what they can offer to their viewers by utilizing their own personality.
Lasse Salminen, CEO of HAVU Gaming

HAVU Stream Team:

Taneli ”disturbed” Veikkola
Mike ”Nurmion” Lanki
Christofer ”DONOD” Kautto
Mikael ”Threat” Backman
Markus ”Pelaajainen” Metso
Joanna ”dajoanna” Stenman
Ville ”Kemboi” Kempas