HAVU emerged victorious at NeSA 2018!

HAVU is the reigning champion of NeSA2018!

NeSA2018 was played last weekend at Kajaani’s university of applied sciences. There we went all the way without losing a single map. That makes it two times in a row we’ve won NeSA.


HAVU’s CS:GO squad had their debut LAN tournament last weekend at Kajaani. After winning the groupstage we went toe-to-toe against Minttu/iGame.com and Victrix gaming. Quick 2-0’s and we were in the final against SuperJymy. The final was superclose as dust2 ended 16-14 in favour of HAVU and mirage looked like a one-sided affair after HAVU demolished SuperJymy on the T-side 13-2. Jymy mounted a superb comeback but it wasn’t enough and we were crowned as the champions of NeSA2018 with mirage ending 16-13. We also bagged 6000€ for our efforts last weekend.

Following teams attended NeSA2018: HAVU Gaming, SuperJymy, Minttu/iGame.com, SkitLite, PURSISEURA, ACES Esports, Victrix Gaming, Team This Band & Reilu.