B4BSTER lands to HAVU as a PUBG Coach!

Joonas ”B4BSTER” Turunen joins us to help our PUBG squad unleash their full potential.

After a solid start in the GlobalLootLeague S3 we’ve added B4BSTER to our PUBG squad’s coach. He will be analyzing and coaching for the team from this day forward. Joonas has experience from competitive PUBG and has played for teams like Limitless.

After being Free agent in PUBG for few months during summer, i’m excited to announce i’ll be joining HAVU as Coach/5th player.
Looking forward to work with rest of HAVU pubg squad since i’ve known them since i started playing pubg competitively.

-Joonas ”B4BSTER” Turunen

Since we made some big changes in to our PUBG squad this year and the core of the team has pretty much changed, I think this is what the boys need. Joonas has already started a few weeks ago and now its official. I’d like to welcome mr. B4BSTER in to HAVU!

-Taneli ”disturbed” Veikkola

Make sure to tune in on wednesday nights to see our boys play in the GLL S3!